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Makeup Tips



     • Begin with your favourite moisturizer, and allow time for it to be well-absorbed by your skin. • Apply your mineral foundation with a good soft brush. Sprinkle a tiny bit of mineral foundation into a small bowl or the lid of your foundation jar, and swirl your brush in the powder. Now, time to get tapping. Cradle the lid or bowl in the palm of your hand and tap your brush in the lid until almost all of the powder disappears into the bristles. • Now, brush the foundation lightly onto the skin with a downward circle motion. Buffing isn’t necessary! The amount on your brush will be enough to cover half your face. Truly. For more coverage, simply repeat the process, putting more foundation only on the parts of your face where you prefer more coverage. Typically, you can apply up to three layers without looking too heavy. But if it does, try spritzing your face with water between layers and allow the water to air-dry before the next layer. Option: Prefer a cream or liquid foundation? Just mix a little mineral powder into some moisturizer. Those with oily skin sometimes find that minerals mixed with aloe gel or a dab of glycerin blended with a touch of water provide a lovely oil-free finish. Quick Tip: Start with less than you think you will need - several light applications are better than a single heavy one.  


Learn the easy steps on how to achieve a dazzling makeup look


    Name of Look: True Love 

    1.     Face:

    ·      Apply our Powder Mineral Foundation with the Kabuki Brush, blending into circular moves on all     over the face and neck.

    ·      Apply our Powder Mineral Blush Amaretto on the Cheekbones.

    2.     Eyes:

    ·      Apply EYE SHADOW-CHAMPAIGN to your eyelids, and then apply EYE SHADOW- CINNABAR to upper     and lower lash lines, smudging slightly.  Blend EYE SHADOW- CINNABAR and EYE SHADOW- VERCELLI     together and apply to lid, blending out at the outer edge to create a soft Smokey effect. Use EYE     PENCIL-SMOKY in EYE SHADOW-CINNABAR to re-line eyes for extra definition. To finish use     ACCESSORIES-BLACK MASCARA on your upper and lower lashes.

    3.     Lips:

   ·    Apply a coat of ACCESSORIES-LIP BALM .Dip our ACCESSORIES-CLEAR LIP GLOSS in EYE SHADOW-        CINNABAR then apply gently on your lips using the brush of ACCESSORIES-CLEAR LIP GLOSS.





  • Bright Orange Lipstick


Orange is the lipstick shade of the season. To get the exact trendy color mix electric orange and neon red. Apply the color on your lips then blot for a slightly matte finish.


UNIQUE Tip: Apply one coat of UNIQUE LIPSTICK-AMORE, then dip ACCESSORIES-CLEAR LIP GLOSS in EYE SHADOW- PIEMONTE. Apply gently on the lips then blot for a slightly matte finish.




  • Glowing skin 

Glowing skin is one of the makeup trends for spring 2014. To get the blooming look a tinted foundation and an illuminator should be used in light bronze colors to the cheeks, bridge of nose and forehead with a wet sponge.

UNIQUE Tip: After moisturizing your skin apply our Powder Mineral Foundation with the Kabuki Brush, blending into circular moves on all over the face and neck.  Use our MINERAL BLUSH – BLOSSOM on your cheekbones and temples, and then with a wet sponge slightly use MINERAL BODY BRONZER- PEONY to the cheeks, bridge of nose and forehead.





  • Inky Liner 

Black eyeliner is nothing new. The black kohl is dominating in this season’s makeup trend. The black eyeliner with very little else will give a sultry statement within few minutes  



UNIQUE Tip: Apply UNIQUE EYE PENCIL-BLACK AND WHITE on your upper and lower lash lines and smudge it slightly to the outer edge to create a soft cat eye look. Then apply EYE SHADOW-EARTH slightly on your eyelids.





  •      Pop of green and blue   


     Powdery blue and disco green will enhance subliminally your look this season.

     These two colors will give you a stunning statement look to your glowing eyes.


     UNIQUE Tip:  Mix EYE SHADOW ROMA and EYESHADOW TULIP together and apply to lid, blending out at the outer edge creating a crescent shape just above creases.

     Then use EYE PENCIL- SKY to lower lash lines.






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