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UNIQUE is spreading worldwide and now our products has reached to Sweden ! We got a very interesting feedback from a Swedish local based fashion blogger "UP TO DATE FASHION". She loved the soft and natural texture of our products! To find out more about her personal experience with UNIQUE click on the link below to read her detailed review.




Have you ever tried mineral make-up products?

How was your experience?

Recently, I was presented into a mineral make-up brand, called Unique.

L’UNIQUE Group was founded in 1989 with the goal to introduce a pure mineral based make-up line; a new concept in cosmetics which they believe will dominate the markets in future years.

The products strictly consist of natural powder which contains 100% pure Mica, extracted from the earth’s crust.

Unique Store

I had an awesome experience with their products! They really brought me the expected results. :)

The fact is, to have a good experience with mineral make-up, we need to know very well how to apply and use it the right way.

That’s why, I had a skype call with Unique, where I could get to know all the important information, the ways to use it and all the possibilities that we have with the products, before using them. It was a big plus to the company!!!!

They give us the assistance to qualify the costumer’s experience with their products.

Now I am sure that I can share with you incredible information, and here it is!

Let’s go! :)

→ Why the products are great:

• The minerals sit on the surface of the skin, allowing your pores to breathe. The natural ingredients work with the natural skin’s oils in to provide flawless coverage.


• The products do not contain any dyes, oils, chemicals, fillers, additives or preservatives, making them suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Mica is a 100% Hypoallergenic; it will not clog your pores to create black heads, white heads, acne or any break out in the skin, which is amazing!


• The foundations use Zinc-Anti-inflammatory to cool and calm the skin, Iron-Anti aging to promote and tone the collagen and Titanium to reflect the sun and to give you SPF 15 protection.


• You can even sleep with all the Unique products, because it doesn’t provide any skin damage (it’s perfect, sometimes we are so lazy to remove it!).


• You don’t feel like you have any kind of make-up on your face and it is a great feeling! :)




The foundation line consists of up to 8 different shades, so its easy to find a perfect match to your skin tone! :)

I have two shades of the Mineral Foundation: Nature and Ivory – I am currently using the ”Nature” shade, because it is summer here in Sweden, so I need a darker tone to complete my sun kissed look. ;)

Unique mineral foundation gives me a natural radiant look while providing flawless coverage. It will match all the skin tones and colors and the foundation is also great for even the most the sensitive skin types!


→ How to use:


  •  Before applying the foundation, use your facial daily moisturizer and allow the skin to absorb it;
  • Sink the Unique Kabuki brush into the foundation;
  • Tap any excess (very important!);
  • Press carefully the product into your face;
  • Blend and make circular motion to improve the product adherence;
  • Start building up the perfect coverage.

It might take a little bit of time to blend it well and building a full-coverage.

* You can have full-coverage with a very thin layer.


You can use the Unique mineral foundation also as a liquid foundation:

– Just blend it together with a face moisturizer/sunscreen in the back of your hands.

– For the summer, it’s best to use mineral products!

Unique – Body  Bronzer


Unique Body Bronzer is the latest thing to give you that tanned look, providing you with a radiant and desirable bronze glow, without ever having to set a foot in the sun!

They have 3 different shades – I have the ”Peony” which is a more pinky tone and matches perfectly my skin tone.

→ How to use:


  • You can apply the Unique mineral bronzer over those areas of your face that naturally catch the sun – nose, cheeks and forehead.
  • You can make the contour with it and define your cheekbones.
  • You can apply on the entire face, neck and shoulder – to even the skin tone on these areas.
  • Mixed together with a see-through nail polish, you have a gorgeous new nail polish!

                       I love this shimmery shade! It is so gorgeous! / Eu amo esse brilho do Bronzer! É lindo!!


Here you can have some inspirations, the looks were created with Unique products!

Do not forget to visit Unique website and check out all of their great products! :)

They ship worldwide directly from Unique’s website:)  ♥


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