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A fabulous post from “UPTODATE FASHION blog” about our UNIQUE lipsticks. Check out her amazing blog to find out her personal experience with the texture of our lipsticks.


After becoming a big fan of Unique, a mineral cosmetics brand which I already reviewed here on the blog and now I keep on trying some more of their wonderful products. :)

If you want to read my previous post where I talked about the brand, the mineral foundation and the mineral body & face bronzer, PRESS HERE, you can’t miss it!

So today, I’m going to share with you guys some of the Unique lipsticks!

They are just amazing, creamy, soft, really high pigmented and enriched with vitamin E.

The Unique lipsticks are semi-matte and formulated with rich mineral ingredients. They provided me full-bodied and moisturized lips in amazing colors that lasts all day long with a sheer and flawless finish!! They don’t dry out and also have a great smell and taste of coconut, which I love!! 

I’m in love with them! I found my new favorites lipsticks and I swear to you that I’m wearing them every day since the day I got them! 

I got 5 colors:

                                                          ♥   AMORE – the most pretty red lipstick that I have ever had!

  Price / Preço: $25


♥ JUICY – a gorgeous magenta pink which has a purple/blue undertone! PERFECT!!

Price / Preço: $25


 ♥ LOLITA PINK – an awesome dark purple colour, for that dramatic and shocking look! I love it!

Price / Preço: $25

♥ UNIQUE – is a very light color that I am currently using to highlight and bright up my lips and any lipstick color. It’s a great product to have in your makeup collection that I bet will make your lips pop and become dimensional.

Price / Preço: $25

♥ MONALISA – the perfect pinky nude color! It matches perfectly with my lip’s colour and it has been perfect to wear when I have a dramatic eyes look.

Price / Preço: $25



Well, I can say that the more I have been trying Unique’s products, the more I love them and I bet that you will love them as well! 

Don’t forget to visit their website for loads of wonderful makeup products in awesome colors!! :)



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